Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Plans?

Just a quickie today. I'm going to start training for the Richmond Marathon (Nov 14) this week. After my HtH 6hr race on little training, I realized that my body could handle a little more work than what I've been throwing at it this summer.

Unfortunately, I have a 7-8 month deployment with the Navy sometime in the fall/winter/spring so I may train and not be able to race--the joys of Navy life. Also, I have at least 2 weeks on an aircraft carrier where running will be limited to treadmills (17 on treadmill, anyone?).

After looking over my training logs for my 3 marathons, I found an interesting trend. As my times decreased from 4:05 to 3:50 to 3:39, my pre-race training increased by over 100 miles each time. More isn't always better, but my goal this year is to add another 100 to last year's. This still has me at pretty low mileage each week (max week 50), but I haven't worked my body up to high-mileage weeks, and I am not making time for more running with work and family stuff.

And now it's time for bed so that I can be well-rested as I go forward this fall.

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