Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back on the Horse

After a dissapointing race last month while I was pretty sick, I had kind of lost my running desire. I came to one of those places where I wasn't sure if I was getting as much out of my running as I was putting into it. I ended up going 9 days without running because I felt so awful after a 10 miler one week after the marathon. During those days, I have to admit, I didn't miss the running so much. In fact, I felt liberated from a weight that occupied so much of my time and thought.

When I did go for a run again- 5.5 miles on the boardwalk/beach in the cold rain at 7:30 in the morning with guys from work- it was tiring. I got in a few more good runs over the Turkey weekend and started realizing that running is important to me. As I've gotten back in the groove this week, I recognize the place that running has in my life.

I love to run! I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout, and I enjoy seeing my work pay off as I improve. I love to race, even if no one my pace is racing me. I've also appreciated the time I've had running the past few days after being away for a while. These have been good times of relaxation, thought and prayer.

With that, I've decided to aim for the Seneca Creek-Greenway Trail Marathon in March up in Maryland. Hopefully I'll be able to train well during the winter with our family travel and 2 dets (1 on the boat).