Saturday, January 2, 2010

2000s in review

I should have done this post last week, but I was on vacation and being lazy.

The decade started in Honduras as I rang in 2000 with my parents and sisters. I graduated college, started med school, rang in 2004 in London with my buddy Rob. I met my wife later that year, and we were engaged before the end of 2004. I rang in 2005 with friends and spent the early morning at White Castle with a couple cops and a couple of stoners. Interesting night.

2005 was an exciting year- got married, found out my wife was pregnant. I also began keeping a running log that year.

In 2006 Grayson was born, I ran my first marathon (Flying Pig) and graduated from med school. We moved to Virginia for my surgery internship.

The following year Jack was born a few months before I completed my second marathon (Marine Corps). At the end of the year we moved to Pensacola for flight surgery school.

In 2008 we were blessed to be able to move back to Virginia for my job as a flight surgeon for a Carrier Air Wing. I completed my third marathon (Baltimore) that fall.

This past year has been pretty hectic with my pre-deployment training exercises, but I was able to run my first Ultramarathon (Hotter than Hell 6 hr), bag my first state highpoint (NV), and run my fourth marathon (Outer Banks). This fall we also found out that Andrea is pregnant with our third.

The next decade will surely be even more exciting with the adventures of kids, running and Navy life.